Surgery Residency at St. Joseph's

Residents and Surgeons doing surgery on patient

Our Philosophy

The goal of the Creighton University School of Medicine/St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center (Phoenix) Program in general surgery is to cultivate highly competent, successful leaders in surgery across a broad spectrum; whether it be in academics, subspecialty surgery, rural surgery, or private practice. Our surgery faculty lend expertise in the various disciplines of general surgery including: trauma, surgical critical care, oncology, colorectal surgery, endocrine, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, transplantation and pediatric surgery; many of which utilize minimally invasive techniques including advanced laparoscopy and robotics.

In addition, the general surgery residency program was specifically designed with an emphasis on education; and was built from the ground up with this focus in mind. Wellness and sustainability are also at the forefront of our educational mission and echoed throughout the department as a whole.

We are a busy residency that boasts high case volumes and early operative experience. Over 16,240 general surgical procedures are performed at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center annually (61% inpatient; 42% outpatient).

In addition, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center houses a state of the art surgical simulation center with a full scale patient ward and operating room that includes a da Vinci robotic system and trainer.

The program is patient-centered, and aspires to deliver the highest quality of appropriate, evidence-based, timely and compassionate care.

Providing each resident with a rich experience in a diversity of educational environments contributes to making our residents some of the best surgeons in the country.

Mission Statement

To train individuals to become highly competent, evidence-based, professional surgeons who will significantly impact the specialty via their excellence in community surgical practice, academia, and research.


  • Prepare our residents to become highly competent, board-certified general surgeons that are qualified to enter private and/or academic practice regardless of the setting (rural or metropolitan) and/or to obtain advanced subspecialty fellowship training in their field of choice.
  • Teach our residents to be caring and compassionate physicians, who will treat all patients with respect and skill, irrespective of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or socioeconomic status.
  • Develop a culture of caring, collegiality and humility in the practice of surgery.
  • Become the preeminent, most highly sought-after general surgery residency in the State of Arizona.