Meet Our Residents

Doctor leaning over a patient

SJHMC Family Medicine residents are heavily involved in the community. Outside of community volunteer projects, education and outreach we also spend time at St. Vincent de Paul; a free clinic caring for primarily pediatric patients that have no other access to healthcare.

Current Residents

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  • R3
  • Year 3 Residents

    Guarav Aggarwal

    Gaurav Aggarwal, MD

    Elizabeth Fox-Mtandika

    Elizabeth Fox-Mtandika, DO

    Stephen Gipson

    Stephen Gipson, DO

    Tricia Ngo

    Tricia Ngo, DO

    Thomas Sellers

    Thomas Sellers, DO

    Diana Thai

    Diana Thai, MD

    Morolake Ugheghe

    Morolake Ugheghe, DO

    Nancy Youssef

    Nancy Youssef, MD

  • R2
  • Year 2 Residents

    Anusha Abbas

    Anusha Abbas, DO

    Kevin Cleary

    Kevin Cleary, MD

    Timothy Hollowed

    Timothy Hollowed, MD

    Jordan Maxwell

    Jordan Maxwell, DO

    Simar Singh

    Simar Singh, DO

    Vineet Syal

    Vineet Syal, MD

    Anne Tang

    Anne Tang, MD

    Chandra Tontsch

    Chandra Tontsch, MD

  • R1
  • Year 1 Residents

    Hana Alkahlout

    Hana Alkahlout, DO

    Fadi Assaf

    Fadi Assaf, MD

    Christine Erie

    Christine Erie, MD

    Anna Mathew

    Anna Mathew, DO

    Ronnie Otieno

    Ronnie Otieno, DO

    Ronald Parkinson

    Ronald Parkinson, DO

    Joshua Ulanday

    Joshua Stephen Ulanday, MD

    Victoria Wadman

    Victoria Wadman, DO