Family Medicine Residency

Resident talking with a patient in a hospital room

Our Philosophy

Our Family Medicine Residency Program started at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in 1973, with a goal to provide excellent care to a diverse, underserved population of patients, and to prepare residents to provide complete, competent, and compassionate care.  Over the years that goal has not changed.  In 2020 we moved to our new clinic home in south central Phoenix, where our diverse team of residents and faculty care for multicultural patients in a Federally Qualified Health Center.  We embrace Creighton University’s goal of being “men and women for others” through service to our patients and community.  We also share the mission of Valleywise Health, which is to “provide exceptional care, without exception, every patient, every time.”

The Valleywise South Central Clinic is an outstanding place to train in family medicine.  We provide critical primary care for a diverse, underserved population, regardless of ability to pay.  Here, residents and faculty are part of an interdisciplinary team that includes our medical assistants, RNs, NPs, an on-site pharmacy, family learning center, diabetes education, integrated behavioral health, and care management services.  We have ultrasound and can do a variety of point of care labs.  We can also provide medically assisted treatment for patients with opioid use disorder.  Our residents and staff are committed to providing the best available care for our patients in a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment.  When they're not training in our own clinic, our residents work closely with other services, residents, fellows at Valleywise Health Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Program Mission Statement

  • Provide the highest quality of healthcare for our patients and their families, with personal attention to their physical and emotional needs.
  • Create a center of academic excellence that promotes patient care and physician learning in a supportive, collaborative environment.
  • Uphold the belief that all life is sacred and strive for restoration of health, the promotion of wellness, and the advancement of community service.


  1. Provide the highest quality medical care to patients. We define quality in terms of the quadruple aim of improving health of populations, improving patient experience, reducing cost, and maintaining work-life balance for caregivers. We will do this by focusing on continuity of care, practicing team-based care, and using data to evaluate and improve our performance.
  2. Create a center of academic excellence. We train residents to be excellent clinicians with a focus on ambulatory medicine.
  3. Uphold the belief that all life is sacred by maintaining caregiver wellness and involving physicians in meaningful community service. We will treat each patient and care team member with dignity and respect and look for ways to provide medical and humanitarian service to our community.
  4. Prepare residents to be good partners and leaders in their practices, health systems, and communities. We view residents as partners with faculty, who work together to achieve our goals. Residents in our program will have an active voice in their training experience by participating on residency and hospital committees, quality improvement teams, and in longitudinal leadership training.

History of the Program

Our program began in 1973 as St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency.  Since 1895, St. Joseph’s has had a mission to care for the underserved in our area, and throughout our history the program has shared that mission.  In 2017, Creighton University, Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Valleywise Health, and District Medical Group, Inc., formed the Arizona Health Education Alliance to support graduate medical education, and the program officially became part of the Creighton family. 

As part of the Alliance, we use both St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and Valleywise Health Medical Center for resident education.  In the fall of 2020, our program embarked on an exciting move from our previous clinic on the campus of St. Joseph’s to a new location at the Valleywise South Central Health Center in south central Phoenix, where we became part of the Valleywise Health system of Federally Qualified Health Centers.  In June of 2021 the clinic move was successfully completed.  Our inpatient service is scheduled to make a similar move to Valleywise Health Medical Center in January of 2022.   We will still continue to use St. Joseph’s for some core rotations and enjoy the benefit of being able to work with two outstanding hospitals who share a common goal of excellence in graduate medical education and caring for the needs of our community.