Meet Our Residents

Emergency Medicine resident group photo

Our program develops board certified emergency physicians with the skills to be leaders in emergency medicine. We provide a close knit, supportive environment that provides each resident an opportunity to excel in their professional pursuits, while fostering a culture of academic excellence and service to the community.

Valleywise Health Emergency Medicine is committed to evidence-based clinical practice and life-long learning through integration of bedside and didactic teaching and innovative technology. We also seek to cultivate individual interests of residents and challenge each to be the doctors they want to be.

To learn more about each of our residents, visit our Emergency Medicine Residency website

Current Residents

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  • R3
  • Year 3 Residents

    Randall Beaupre

    Randall Beaupre, MD

    James Butler

    James Butler, MD

    Mary Crista Cabahug

    Mary Crista Cabahug, DO

    Codee Champney

    Codee Champney, DO

    Richard Cunningham

    Richard Cunningham, MD

    Bryan Feinstein

    Bryan Feinstein, MD

    Tamlyn Hall

    Tamlyn Hall, MD

    Luke He

    Luke He, MD

    Michael Henry

    Michael Henry, MD

    Kelsey Keeling

    Kelsey Keeling, DO

    Jonathan Kelley

    Jonathan Kelley, DO

    Katrina Lettang

    Katrina Lettang, MD

    Brendan Tarzia

    Brendan Tarzia, DO

    Braden Tucker

    Braden Tucker, MD

  • R2
  • Year 2 Residents

    Rana Akkad

    Rana Akkad, DO

    Syna Daudfar

    Syna Daudfar, DO

    Paul Hanna

    A. Paul Hanna, MD

    Shelby Hoebee

    Shelby Hoebee, MD

    Matthew Kunz

    Matthew Kunz, DO

    Michael Mozer

    Michael Mozer, DO

    Anisa Mughal

    Anisa Mughal, MD

    Dominic Pappas

    Dominic Pappas, MD

    Carl Pastore

    Carl Pastore, MD

    Kelby Schaeffler

    Kelby Schaeffler, MD

    Courtney Schwebach

    Courtney Schwebach, MD

    Saumya Singh

    Saumya Singh, MD

    Ashley Tarchione

    Ashley Tarchione, MD

    Jordan Wells

    Jordan Wells, MD

    Michael Yang

    Michael Yang, MD

    Tiffany Ziegler

    Tiffany Ziegler, DO

  • R1
  • Year 1 Residents

    Erica Burmood

    Erica Burmood, DO

    Kevin Chambers

    Kevin Chambers, DO

    Ellen Dowling

    Ellen Dowling, MD

    Molly Enenbach

    Molly Enenbach, DO

    Peter Greene

    Peter Greene, MD

    Pooja Haas

    Pooja Haas, DO

    Alexandra Hallagan

    Alexandra Hallagan, MD

     Kylie Jenkins

    Kylie Jenkins, MD

    Anthony Polechetti

    Anthony Polechetti, DO

    Hannah Rosenthal

    Hannah Rosenthal, MD

    Anthony Sainz

    Anthony Sainz, DO

    Savannah Seigneur

    Savannah Seigneur, DO

    William Shank

    William Shank, MD

    Adam Uslan

    Adam Uslan, DO

    Brady Winfield

    Brady Winfield, DO

    Dirk Wristers

    Dirk Wristers, MD