Thomas Botswick

Thomas L. Bostwick, MD, FACEP, AMO, CAPT, USPHS

Medical Director, Valleywise Health
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    • Emergency Medicine

    Academic Appointment

    • Clinical Assistant Professor Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Publications and Research
    • Working on research on SVN length and dosing prior to discharge vs. admission.
    • Secrets of Emergency Medicine, 7th Edition, Altered Mental Status. Submitted for publication Feb 15, 2019 
    • Senna-Induced Blistering Diaper Dermatitis, Annals of Clinical Case Reports – Gregory Schweitz, MD, Dany Quan, DO, Thomas L Bostwick, MD   
    • Bilateral Peritonsillar Abscess, submitted for publication to Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Aug 01, Greg M. Buchalter, M.D., Thomas L. Bostwick, M.D.
    • Log Roll Test – An Evaluation of Hip Pain, In research again with Paul Blackburn, D.O., Thomas L. Bostwick, M.D.
    • Compartment Syndrome: A Review of Pathophysiology and Mechanisms, Orthopedic Review, Feb 93, 22, pgs 175-181, John Mabee, PA-C, MS, Thomas L. Bostwick, MS IV
    • Iatrogenic Compartment Syndrome from Hypertonic Saline Injection in Bier Block, The Journal of Emergency Medicine, 12, No 4, pgs 473-476, 1994, John Mabee, PA-C, MS, Thomas L. Bostwick, M.D., and Mary Kay Burke, M.D.
    • Pathophysiology and Mechanisms of Compartment Syndrome.  Preventive measures to modify or halt the process, Physician Assistant, June 1993, 17, pgs 59-66, John Mabee, PA-C, MS, Thomas L. Bostwick 
    • The Impact of H. Claude Hudson Comprehensive Health Center Urgent Care on Hospital Emergency Services, with USC Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc, LAC-USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, California 1991