Thomas Ardiles

Thomas Ardiles, MD

Faculty Pulmonary Critical Care
Assistant Clinical Professor, CUSOM - Phoenix
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    • Faculty Pulmonary Critical Care
    • Assistant Clinical Professor, CUSOM - Phoenix
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    Submitted for publication pending acceptance: 
    An observational cohort study of pulsed inhaled nitric oxide in 175 patients with hypoxemia due to COVID-1.  Steven D. Nathan M.D., Shilpa Johr M.D, Thomas Ardiles M.D., et al. 
    Buckley MS, Smithburger PL, Wong A, Ardiles, T et al. “Dexmedetomidine for             
    Facilitating Mechanical Ventilation Extubation in Difficult-to-Wean ICU Patients:   
    Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials”, Journal of Intensive Care Medicine. July 2020. 
    Savajiyani S, Ardiles T. “Management of Secondary Hyperfibrinolysis in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation as Identified by Thromboelastography”, Clinical Conundrums in ECMO 2019 October 1;156(4):A121. 
    Carlson R, Ardiles T, Spencer L 2017.  111. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Book Chapter “Pocket Critical Care”.  Main Author: Sancho Rodriguez Villar. Marban Libros S.L 
    Quan A, Sanders J, Kassis C, Ardiles T, Caruso D, Foster K. “Invasive Mucormycosis Treated with Dual Intravenous and Nebulized Antifungal Therapy in Burn Patient”, Crit. Care 2016 December; 44(12):515. 
    Wu Y, Chhaya S, Hurowitz B, Ardiles T, Carlson R. “Clinically Amyopathic Dermatomyositis Complicated by Pleural Effusion Case Report, Literature Review, and Proposed Mechanism”, Bull Hosp Jt Dis (2013). 2015 Jul;73(3):217-20.PMID: 26535603. 

    Bosse L, Gries R, Carlson R, Ardiles T. “Dexmedetomidine (DEX) Prescribing Patters for Mechanically Ventilated (MV) Patients”, Crit Care. 2015 Dec;43(12):164. 
    Kashani K, Al-Khafaji A, Ardiles T, Kellum J et al.     
    “Discovery and Validation of Cell Cycle Arrest Biomarkers in Human Acute Kidney Injury”, Crit Care. 2013 Feb 6;17(1):R25. PMID: 23388612. 
    Movahedi Z, Wisinger D, Petre S, Ravi J, Ardiles T, Prevette R, Al-Yaqoobi  
    A, Nadir A. “Treatment of Pulmonary Coccidioidomycosis after Successful  
    Hepatitis C Therapy in a Patient with Fluconazole Induced Hepatotoxicity”,  
    Open Journal of Gastroenterology. 2012 Feb 6. 
    Strawter C, Quiroga P, Zaidi S, Ardiles T. “Pulmonary Nodules with   
    Cutaneous Manifestations: A Case Report and Discussion”, Southwest J Pulm  
    Crit Care 2012;4:116-21. 
    Turner S, Ventura C, Chhaya S, Ardiles T. “Stalked by the Wolf”, Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2011;26:s520. 
    Ardiles T, Dark D. “Pulmonary Complications of Sickle Cell Disease”. Missouri Journal of Medicine, 2007 May-June;104 (3):250-4. PMID: 17619501. 
    Wilke E., Ardiles T, Carlson R. “A Case of Coccidioidal Fungemia Initially Diagnosed as Rhinosporidiosis”. The Heart and Lung Journal, May/June 2005; 34(3): 217-21. PMID: 1601522. 


    Yu D, Bharij A, Sher N, Khan A, Marquez F, Patel S, Ardiles T. “Steroids for Presumed Secondary Organizing Pneumonia Complicating Necrotizing Klebsiella Pneumonia on Veno-Venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation”. Poster presented at Chest Annual Meeting, Oct 2020. 

    Yu D, Bharij A, Marquez F, Sher N, Khan A, Ardiles T. “A Case of Cushing Syndrome Secondary to Ectopic Adrenocorticotropic Hormone-Producing Pheochromocytoma Managed with Ketoconazole and Etomidate Infusion as Therapeutic Bridge to Adrenal Artery Embolization”. Poster presented at Chest Annual Meeting, Oct 2020. 

    Bharij N, Shamsid-Deen N, Ardiles T. “A6549/P755-Activated Protein C Deficiency: An Over-Driving Mechanism for Sepsis Related Complications in Liver Cirrhosis”.  Poster presented at the ATS International Conference, Dallas, TX. 22 May 2019. 

    Tseng S, Koch R, Uppalapu S, Ardiles T. “Liver Failure Presenting as Refractory Lactic Acidosis Due to the Warburg Effect”. Poster presented at the ATS International Conference, Dallas, TX. 22 May 2019. 

    Sultan A, Bosak T, Ardiles T, Whiting R, Saggar. “Treatment of Rapidly Progressive Interstitial Lung Disease with Positive Melanoma Differentiation Associated Gene 5 with Amyopathic Dermatomyositis Using Lung Rest Ventilation with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation with Corticosteroids, Rituximab, and C/S”. Poster presented at the ATS International Conference, Washington D.C. 21 May 2017. 

    Shamsid-Deen N, Abidali M, Ardiles T. Performing Under Pressure: Successful Recovery After Massive Left Ventricular Air Embolism Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”. Poster presented at the ATS International Conference, Washington D.C. 21 May 2017. 

    Hall J, Uppalapu S, Ardiles T. “Hemoptysis Due to Pulmonary Artery Mycotic Aneurysm in an IV Drug User”. Poster presentation at SCCM Conference, 2016. 

    Pedro Quiroga M.D., Thomas Ardiles M.D., David Wisinger M.D., “Where Are You From, Again?”. Poster presented at the American College of Physicians Meeting, Arizona Chapter, 2004. 

    Thomas Ardiles M.D., Richard Carlson M.D. Ph.D., “Visual Manifestations of the Coagulation Disorder of Sepsis”. Poster presented at the American College of Physicians Meeting, Arizona Chapter, 2004. 

    Renaud Gueret M.D., Thomas Ardiles M.D., Richard W. Carlson M.D., Ph.D., "Heat Stroke: A Dramatic Illness Involving an Interesting Inflammatory Cascade. Poster session at the American College of Physicians Meeting Arizona Chapter, Maricopa Medical Center, Dec 2002. 

    Ardiles T. "Factors Associated with Fetal Macrosomia: A Case-Control Study in a Peruvian Hospital.” Thesis to obtain M.D. degree. Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, July 2000. 

    Scholarly Presentations 

    November 2019 - Truman Medical Center 2019 Respiratory Symposium: Invited Lecturer: “Lung Protective Mechanical Ventilation”. Kansas City, Missouri 

    March 2019 - Alpha 1 Foundation: Patient Education Series. Invited Speaker 

    2018-2019 - American Lung Association: Asthma Educator Course: Faculty 

    September 2014 - 8th Arizona Annual Asthma and Allergy Conference Wheezing and Sneezing in the Desert: Invited Speaker. “Management of Severe Asthma: Overlap with COPD” 

    April 2011 - Maricopa Medical Center-Internal Medicine Conference. “Sarcoidosis” 

    December 2010 - Maricopa Medical Center-Internal Medicine Conference: Invited. “The mystery (or not) of Acid-base analysis”

    May 2010 - Maricopa Medical Center-Internal Medicine Conference: Invited.  “Mechanical Ventilation and ARDS Management” 

    January 2010 - Maricopa Medical Center-Internal Medicine Conference: Invited. “Inpatient management of Asthma” 

    October 2009 - Maricopa Medical Center-Internal Medicine Conference: Invited. “Pulmonary Fungal infections” 

    February 2009 - Missouri Society of Respiratory Care Practitioners: District IV Annual Seminar: Invited. “Aspergillus and other Fungal Diseases” 

    October 2008 - American College of Chest Physicians 2008 Annual Meeting. Gregory Howell M.D., Thomas Ardiles M.D., Aaron Bonham MS. “Implementation of a Remote Intensive Care Unit Monitoring System Correlates with Improvement in Patient Outcomes”. Submitted, Oral Presentation. Philadelphia, PA. 

    May 2007 - American Thoracic Society International Conference. Thomas Ardiles M.D.  Elizabeth Herdon PhD. UMKC-School of Medicine. “Pleural Disease: Serologic Markers of Pleurodesis”. Submitted. San Francisco, CA. 

  • Honors
  • NBC Latino - 2020 
    Latino Hospital Hero Award for work during Covid19 pandemic 

    General Surgery Residency Program - 2014 
    Non-Surgical Teacher of the Year Award 

    Maricopa Integrated Health System - 2011 
    Physician of the Year Award 

    Truman Medical Center Kansas City, Missouri - 2009 
    Emergency Department Consultant of the Year 

    Societies and Fellowships

    Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians 

    Member of the American Thoracic Society 

    Member of the Society of Critical Care Medicine