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Nov 4, 2019

Though doctors have long been using MRI and CT scans to make detailed images of the human body’s interior, they are now able to use that data in new ways.

Oct 29, 2019

Welcome several new faculty members, including a new associate dean, to the Creighton University College of Nursing – Phoenix campus.

Oct 28, 2019

Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center have each been designated as a Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC).

Oct 28, 2019

Creighton Alliance partner Valleywise Health has had a busy October with three groundbreaking dedications of new Valleywise Community Health Centers set to open in 2020.

Oct 28, 2019

Creighton launched a media advertising campaign in August that is being displayed and showcased around the Valley.