March 17th, 2020

Coronavirus updates from Alliance partners

Both Valleywise Health and Dignity Health Arizona have suspended all student clinical rotations. More info to be shared when available.

Creighton University School of Medicine

Based on an AAMC recommendation, Creighton University will suspend all M3 and M4 clinical activities. This pause will allow the SOM to reevaluate educational strategies and alternative clinical experiences for all students. The SOM will attempt to keep all medical students on track for completion.
M3 students
Alternative clinical experiences have been developed for those who were going into quarantine. Now all CUSOM students will participate in these alternative experiences. This continues to be a fluid situation and more information will be forthcoming.
M4 students
The Capstone is going entirely online. You will be responsible for completion of this. Those medical students currently in an M4 elective will receive full credit. Students in a non-clinical elective will be contacting their preceptor regarding project completion.
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
New Elective Care Guidelines
Based on new guidance from the CDC and the need to preserve personal protective
equipment, the Dignity Health Arizona division has developed new guidelines for elective care. Physicians have been notified that discretionary procedures should be rescheduled if a delay of four to six weeks will not significantly impact a patient’s health or outcome.
Take the Emergency Childcare Survey
With Arizona schools closed, the Dignity Health Arizona division has created a survey to help you identify and plan for child-care needs. Survey results will be used to look for ways for employees to connect with one another to pool and share resources. To take the survey, click here.
Temporary Measures Regarding Communion
Eucharistic Communion will not be provided at the hospitals until further notice. This is a temporary measure that’s been put in place under the guidance of national and local authorities.
Resident Gym Temporarily Closed

The Resident Gym located in the basement gym, along with the Med Student Gym in Norton Manor, are both temporarily closed.

Valleywise Health
Valleywise currently has no active novel coronavirus cases at its facilities. However seven specimens are being tested or will be sent out for testing. If Valleywise Health Medical Center receives a minimum of four symptomatic patients, the Arizona Children’s Center – Valleywise Health will transition into an Infectious Disease Unit. At this time, all pediatric patients coming into the Emergency Department for needs other than COVID-19 symptoms will be seen in the Adult ED. To clarify, this is not in effect as we do not currently have any active novel coronavirus cases.
Please see attached for updated SBARs for COVID-19 testing and PPE at Valleywise Health.

  • Childcare Resources – We understand the challenges of balancing work and home life when schools and daycares are closed. We’ve provided a list of resources to help with your childcare needs.

West Entrance opening for CHC Employees
Yesterday we shared information about separate facility entry points for visitors and employees. After listening to your feedback, we have opened the West entrance for employees traveling back and forth between the Valleywise Comprehensive Health Center – Phoenix. This will require badge access and security will be on hand to monitor traffic. All other staff will continue to enter through the tunnel south of the Emergency Department. 

Non Emergent Procedure Changes
Many elective procedures are being canceled in an effort to conserve time and resources in anticipation of potential COVID-19 cases.